Mandalas, Ayurveda, and Balance with Nature


MARCH 7, 2020

Let’s explore the ancient circular form of the mandala. This form is often used to represent the cosmos with the center point being the point of inception of all creation, Mount Meru. The mystery and magic of the mandala inspires artistic expression and interspection.

In this small group workshop, we will think about the ideas upon which the mandala is based as well as how we can maintain balance in our body as we transition through spring equinox using the ancient discipline of Ayurveda. Using watercolor and colored pencils, we will make an artistic record of these concepts on our mandalas providing an aid for alignment with the cosmos.

Early registration/payment at a reduced fee of $60 is open through March 1, 2020 after which the fee is $75. To complete the registration process, please text 407-520-2594 and I will send you a PayPal invoice to secure your space. 

I look forward to seeing you on March 7, for an afternoon of personal expression as we align with the energies of nature.

All are welcome.
No previous knowledge of Ayurveda or Mandalas is necessary.
Windows of the Soul Studio
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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