We think of art as a static image on a canvas, paper, or a sculpture,  or a film, or perhaps we push it to theater and music – some kind of performance, but art is so much more than that. Art is a process. Art is produced when a brave soul digs down deep and dares to express their inner truth. Seen this way, art can be expressed through a myriad of mediums with the most important and most beautiful being journeys through life to a realization of Oneness.

Please look though the material in the drop-down tabs below the main heading of Art.  The photo above is from the section called Collaborative Art Project in Bhagsunag, India (CAPBI) at This is a Brahman blessing thread to be used in sacred ceremony and, as you will see by reading the CAPBI section, in the art piece I created with a little help from my friends in Bhagsunag. For me, this is a prime example of the living arts.

Over time, I will be adding more images of art I have created, workshops I have given, and the beautiful creations of my students. If you click on the paintings below  captions will appear for you to read.