The Gift

In this beautifully illustrated and told tale of courage and personal transformation, old sage Grandpa Farley gives his grandchild, Half-Pint, a gift of coal. Half-Pint is disappointed with the gift until Grandpa reveals the potential of coal. As he spins a tale about a great Arctic adventure from his younger days, a gush of wind sweeps up Grandpa and Half-Pint, rocking chair and all, carrying them back to the time and place of Grandpa Farley’s experience. Aided by the Spirit of the Northern Lights and North Wind and Aglulik, the Inuit Spirit of Good, Half-Pint learns of the jewels that exists within both the gift of coal and every person.

Woven into the text and the illustrations of this book, “The Gift.” are elements inspired by indigenous peoples of the circumpolar region. I wanted Grandpa Farley at the “ends of the earth” in a landscape that is brutal and forces a new perspective on existence. I wanted him to be in a place where it is hard to get oriented – a remote place with few signposts for guidance and few inhabitants to intervene. In this space, where the familiar was already left behind, Farley could accept an extraordinary encounter. Like the great heroes of ancient odysseys, this setting and encounter opens the way for Farley to receive The Gift that he has carried in the center of his being all along.

Barbara E Verchot
April 12, 2018

This inspiring 32 page book is perfect for the whole family, for educators, museums, and home schoolers. The book includes material about the artifacts and other elements represented in the artwork making it an excellent resource.

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