Welcome to All Who Desire to Create a Life of Beauty and Bliss,

Our greatest work of art is the one we create through our lived experience. We are screenplay writers, producer/directors, and star of the theater of our lives. It is as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage…*”

It is my desire (kama)+ to live a life filled with the beauty (saundarya)+ and bliss (ananda)+ for which we have been created. Throughout my adult life I have learned to plunge into the depths of the well-spring of life and immerse myself in all the wondrous gifts it holds out for our taking. This website is my effort to share a bit of the breadth and depths of what I have experienced.

Blessings to all,


(aka Shanti Atma Kaur)


*All the World’s A Stage http://verchot.com/about-me/(opens in a new tab) 

+ Sanskrit terms: kama = desire; saundarya = beauty; ananda = bliss. Read a short essay on this topic at http://verchot.com/waves-of-beauty-and-bliss